My latest body of work is based on the compositions and names of traditional American quilt patterns. Captivated by the range of forms and names, I use them as formal and thematic parameters, while also bringing into the conversation the tradition of Victorian photo-collages practiced by women pushing the boundaries of scrapbooking and the decorative arts in their time.

My personal interest includes the history of photography and using the early photographic processes of gum bichromate, cyanotype, Van Dyke brown printing and the Daguerreotype in my work. I’m also largely interested in book arts, especially the era of Victorian photo albums and scrapbooks.

In the latest work, I’m using forms of traditional craft and decorative arts to explore roles of the individual and society, in terms of character, archetypes and family relations.

In my artist’s books, I combine layers of images with original and historic texts, to create narratives that combine the past and present. My books are mainly one of a kind, constructed of prints I make using techniques like nonsilver photography, letterpress, and collage.

Lindsey Mears