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Artist's book with bleached and toned cyanotype, handset letterpress, wax.

...on the other side was made during a residency in February 2005 at Weir Farm National Historic Site in Wilton, CT. During the snowy month I lived alone in a cabin on the grounds, surrounded by acres of wilderness preserve.

Especially striking about the area were the stone walls, some hundreds of years old, in varying states of decay, that crisscrossed the landscape. They brought thoughts of formal boundaries, longstanding time, organization of nature, and the grass being greener on the other side of the wall for all the animals pasturing inside their borders.

In walks over the snow-covered landscape, something else struck me—all the footprints left by wild animals. They wound all over the place, like doodles drawn over and around the lines of stone walls. They were playful, ephemeral, wild, free.

…on the other side… is a study of these contrasts. It’s also a collection of artifacts from inhabitants of the land of Weir Farm over the passage of time—the builders of the walls and the communities that lived among them, and the animals for whom they signify nothing more than a pile of rocks.

...on the other side..., page detail
...on the other side..., page detail
5" x 8" x .5"